2018 New Year Resolution: Talk Nicely... to yourself.

New year resolution

Do you ever notice the little big voice in your head? I call it little “BIG” because we often under estimate this powerful voice that creates the inner dialogues and stories in our mind. I have realized that it is this inner dialogue that we have with ourselves that shapes the quality of our emotional wellbeing. If our inner dialogue is critical, negative and dishonest we can never be happy; it is when our inner dialogue becomes conscious and loving that we are able to experience love and happiness in our everyday life.

Being aware of our inner dialogue requires mindfulness. Changing the way we speak to ourselves requires honesty, courage and love. Through conditioning we might have been programmed to judge ourselves, we are our biggest critics. How do we expect people around us to love us if we cannot love ourselves in our inner dialogue?

So this New Year, I invite you to embrace a new beginning - a beginning to be more aware of your inner dialogue and hold yourself in wholeness whenever you are being critical of yourself. Holding yourself in wholeness means to not judge yourself and to approach your inner dialogue from a place of curiosity and love.

Here are some insights for a healthier and more mindful inner dialogue trialed and tested by yours truly:-