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Finding Your Alchemy

The Alchemy Crystal bowls are made from 99.9992% pure crushed quartz, precious gem, mineral & metal heated to about 4000 degrees & 3-atmosphere pressure to fuse everything in a centrifugal mold. The heating process only happens once to maintain the integrity of molecules in the materials used. Different from the conventional white crystal bowls, which use a lathe machine to produce the bowls (heating & cooling multiple times), making them more susceptible to breaking when you play. 


All our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are original by CRYSTAL TONES®. Each alchemy has its own vibrational thumbprint. Find a bowl that resonates with you by looking at the alchemy, size, and note. Find a bowl that will strike a chord in your heart. You can use them as part of your meditation & self-care ritual, to heal the mind, body and spirit and awakening the soul. 


Each bowl starts around four thousand ringgit and goes up to several tenths of thousands. The price will depend on the complexity of each creation, the rarity of gemstone, mineral, or metal used to create an alchemy.

You can visit our Instagram for latest news and available Alchemy bowls. Alternatively, get in touch below to find your special alchemy. 

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