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"Consciousness, in her freedom,

brings about the attainment of the universe."

- Pratyabhijna hrydayam 1.1


What if you let your curiosity take you by the hand? What if you stopped for a moment, breathed and paused. Allowing yourself to be completely present and alive to every little movement, flutter and heartbeat.

Yoga is a dance with presence. It’s an opportunity for us to explore the connection between our intelligent bodies, our alchemical breath and our inquisitive minds. To not just do yoga, but to live it. Cultivating awareness, strength, steadiness and ease so we can make better choices in how we live, eat and interact with our world.

Meditation & Sound Healing

Unplug, take a pause and learn to quiet your mind and experience the peace within you. 

Yoga Asana Practice

A mindful yoga asana practice to for the body and mind 

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