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Conscious Instagramming

concious instagramming

Instagram a great tool for business, to help us stay informed, inspired and in touch with friends. It is also a place where if we are not conscious we can get caught up in meaningless comparisons and judgements. Here are a few tips from personal experience on how to safe guard the way you interact with social media.

1). Follow people who support your personal growth and inspire your lifestyle

  • Follow accounts that inspire your growth and enhance your human experience, whether it’s for travel, food, fashion or personalities that you like. Ask yourself, does following this account spark joy and happiness within you?

2). Observe your thoughts and judgements

  • The truth is, one picture doesn’t tell you the whole story. Everyone is on their own journey so don’t judge. Judging someone is. actually a sure tell tale sign that you have an underlying trigger within.

3). Spread kindness and love

  • Be kind, always. To everyone, every post. If you don’t like something you see or read, unfollow the account no need to be negative. The world can only be a better place when we are kind and loving to others.

4). Be mindful on the time you spend on social media.

  • To be honest, I am sometimes guilty of this. I can get really caught up with social media, because it can be so addictive (especially watching stories 🙊) I made a pack with myself to have one day social media detox in a week and no social media one hour after waking up and before bedtime. Enjoy the experience of living in the moment and don’t let social media steal you from the experience.

5). Be Authentic

  • Nothing is more interesting than to be yourself (well at least that's what I am interested in when it comes to following people and accounts on IG). Have the courage to be yourself and own your story.

Happy (consciously) scrolling!

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