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Birthday Miracle

The past few days leading to my birthday were pretty intense. I blame the full moon. I was working through some inner demons and honestly wasn’t feeling very celebratory. With my spirits low, I was struggling to stay positive and keep my head above the water. I prayed for the universe to give me a sign.

But instead of rainbows, the universe shot me a fallen star. While getting ready for my prearranged joint birthday dinner with my dear friend Debbie (whom I share the same birthday with), I looked in the mirror and I realised that my favourite, most precious, lucky star necklace was no longer adorning my neck. I remember putting it on as I started my day, yet in the evening it was no longer hanging pretty on my neck. I began searching everywhere frantically, recalling everything I did and retracing everywhere I went.

The necklace was a very special gift from Jared, given to me during a very special time. It has been my favourite everyday jewellery and it holds a special place in my heart. The thought of never seeing it again broke my heart. I had taken it off the last few days since the Tatler Ball.

At dinner, my girlfriends tried to take my mind off my missing star. Their company helped for a few hours (thank god!) but as soon as I got home, I began looking around the house again and again. I couldn't sleep. My mind was working on overdrive. I was beating myself up, trying to figure out how I could lose something that meant so much to me. I was feeling really guilty and at the same time telling myself that it was a sign from the universe to teach me how to let go of materialistic possessions. I wanted to trust the process so badly.

But I couldn’t let it go! The next morning, Detective Dian took control. I called up all the places I visited and asked if they’d seen my missing necklace. I even resorted to reviewing the CCTV footage with the manager of the Breakfast Thieves restaurant. Even squatting by the drains at APW and peering down, just in case the rain washed it away. Long story short, I LOOKED in every possible place, nook, cranny and crevice. I was looking for a needle in a haystack or a star in the galaxy, so to speak.

It was 11 am on my birthday and I had already decided that it was the worst birthday ever. I felt so depressed and guilty for losing the special necklace Jared had gotten me. And while mourning my loss, I received a beautiful message from my assistant Annie wishing me Happy Birthday; attached with a photo of my necklace. Our beloved office helpers had found my special necklace by the entrance. I burst into tears! (not an exaggeration!)

It was a miracle to be reunited with my star. I felt like the universe heard my woes and was listening to me all along. The real lesson she was trying to teach me besides clasping your necklace securely when you put it on, was -

“You only know the true value of something after you lose it.”

This birthday, I have a renewed faith in the universe. Everything that happens in our life is constantly conspiring for our awakening. Everything that happens is also a doorway for us to learn and grow (even if it may not seem like it). I was really upset when I lost my necklace but I knew that even if I didn't find it in the end, I would be okay too. I would have learnt to let it go.... eventually.

I am really lucky to have found my star again on my birthday, it's truly the best birthday gift from the universe! (and I am never taking it off.. ever again!)

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