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I went to London recently to attend my youngest brother Bintang's graduation (yes, his name is Bintang as in 'star' in the malay language). London is a great city with its diverse population, culture, museums, food, and..of course shopping. In the past when I used to visit London, making a trip to Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty and Brompton Road was a must. They were akin to the Vatican in Rome for the latest in fashion and these places used to really excite me.

The trip this time to London was quite different. I had no desire to go shopping in the usual haunts possibly because the ringgit was doing so badly...

I felt broke just taking a black cap ride from the airport to my brother's house. Also, to be honest, ever since I read Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up", my mindset was changed in relation to accumulating possessions and I have become a lot more mindful about how I curate and organise my things. (I highly recommend this book btw)

So this trip to London, I didn't need my usual shopping fix and instead I went looking for Alchemy crystal bowls as I had promised myself to get one bowl if I felt an affinity for them.

Alchemy crystal bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. The alchemy bowls have blends of gemstone, mineral and metals added during the firing process.

Jared and I picked up our first crystal bowl from a new age shop in Plaza Damas back in 2010, we used it at Be Urban Wellness for our Yoga classes during shavasana until someone cracked it.. (tears!)

I have always like the sounds it created. It's similar to 'AUM' which is said to be the first sound of the universe and some believe the sound to be a cosmic sacred sound/vibration. My first experience of multiple crystal bowls played together was last year at a Sound Bath* at Alchamie conducted by Lou and Devi.

(*Sound Baths: Part meditation, part listening exercise, sound baths are healing musical performances played with Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, biosonic tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and chanting. Participants lay on the floor in supported shavasana (corpse pose) and let the waves of sound wash over them)

I remember having a really deep relaxation experience lying in a cocoon canopy in their studio in Bangsar. Jedi and Jora really enjoyed the experience too. In fact, half way through the session, Jedi was already snoring away, a rare occurence because that boy is as active as an Energizer bunny.

The second time I experienced a sound bath was at Snackfood with a lovely Japanese lady named Sari. Her bowls not only sounded amazing but they looked like works of art. I had been eyeing some bowls from China via Aliexpress and I asked the difference between her bowls and the ones from China (which cost a fraction of her bowls). I got to learn that her bowls were from a company called Crystal Tones from USA, and were called Alchemy Crystal Bowls because they were made with blends of minerals, crystals, gemstones, silver, platinum and 24k gold. Apparently, Crystal Tones is the only company in the world that makes these bowls. Click here to read more if the bowls interest you.

To cut a long story short, I decided to check out the bowls while I was in London and found Genevra who is based in Lewes. I contacted her before I left KL and set an appointment to visit her studio after my brother's graduation in London.

That day was a lovely day trip to the English countryside with my mum who is also a crystal lover and had decided to come along. 1.5 hours of train ride and 66 pounds later (public transport in England is not cheap!) we arrived in Lewes and found Genevra's studio which was about a 10 min walk from the train station.

I was enthralled upon arriving at her studio and was completely mesmerized by the beauty of the bowls. There were so many to choose from - bowls made with different color, gemstones and tones. Each bowl has its unique vibrational quality that resonates with different part of our energy body.

cystal bowls UK

Three hours of choosing the right bowl later, I had broken the promise to myself that I was only going to get ONE bowl but ended up with 4! Though I really hated the thought of spending in british pound (have I told you #ringgitsucks!) I rationalized in my head that this is an investment for my mind and body and you cannot put a price tag on anything that brings your mind sense of grounding and peace and besides they can help me calm my son who has a monkey mind and behaves like an Energizer battery bunny!


Genevra from Crystal Singing Bowls UK is the sweetest, most patient person; she has an extensive knowledge about the benefits of each tone and crystal which was very helpful in helping me choose my bowls. Here's what I got:-

1). Lavender Sunset Gold

The word lavender originally stems from from the Latin word lavare which means "to wash". It is well known for its protective and healing properties. Just as physical wounds need to be cleansed and soothed, as above so below; emotional and spiritual wounds need the same care or they will manifest into the physical. The Lavender Sunset Gold bowl soothes the traumas in the etheric bodies and puts them to bed with the golden sunset.

2). Andara Crystal

The overall properties of the Andara are trust and working through the heart, they greatly accelerate one's growth process.

3). Pink Tourmaline

Expressing love of humanity and humanitarianism, Pink Tourmaline is the stone of unconditional love and friendship. It radiates the highest frequency of love encouraging compassion as it releases emotional pain. Creating peace and promoting communication between the conscious and unconscious minds, it allows psychic awareness to blossom.

4). Mother of Platinum with Laughing Buddha

A natural harmonizer of pure quartz and platinum that creates a mother of pearl essence and opalescent finish and carries an energy of Venus, the goddess of love. Microscopic bubbles added to the quartz produce a porous surface and pastel elegance with a nurturing vibration of water elementals. The beautiful and spherical completeness of pearls represents an ever-present and fullness of Spirit. Helpful in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort.

I have had my bowls for more than two weeks now, and I absolutely love playing with them before I sit for my daily meditation and before I go to bed. It really helps to clear my thoughts and place my consciousness in a subtle state of tranquility and joy.

I am looking forward to including the bowls in my yoga classes and on adding to my kids daily routine to help them stay calm and happy.

I would probably end this adding that the shopping satisfaction was definitely way better than the ones I've had in Harrods or Brompton Road.


Where to get Sound Bath in Kuala Lumpur..

If you wish to try a sound bath, Be Urban Wellness is hosting a sunset yoga and sound bath this coming Monday (11 Sept 2017) at 6:45pm with Laygaik and Sari. Call 03-2095 1999 to book.

Snackfood in Bangsar is doing a pay-as-you wish pop up with Sari on 17 September 2017 at 11:30am.

Alternatively, you can also check out Alchemie Boutique in Telawi with Lou and Devi, their sound bath include using crystal bowls and brass gongs.

Address: 19-1 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 3-2202 1313

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