My passion and my purpose is to share love through the divine practice of yoga. To inspire and be inspired through the elegance of breath and movement as they intertwine effortlessly. To hold space for you as you discover that real self-love is embodying the living presence that you are, exactly as you are. To unearth the courage that lives within you – to not just feel it, but to live fearlessly and authentically as you pursue your truth.

My wish is that we embrace our uncertainties like old friends, trusting the process with our whole hearts. May we own our stories and be the guardians of our own happiness. When nothing is certain everything becomes possible so let us feel this deeply in our bodies and flow effortlessly through life with strength and sureness. Tapping into the alchemy of breath and movement to access the present moment. Tasting what is right here, right now, to live from a point of consciousness and create the lives we long for.

This is what I know and this is what I love, but most of all, this is what I live. Join me as I hold space for the journey closer to your purpose, your peace and your vitality. Our time on earth is brief. Let’s come together to embrace every moment. - Dian



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